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The texture change treatment

A must-see for those who don’t like volume less after getting straight perm

『Moist』『Gloss』『Unity』this treatment is one of the top one

Characteristic of the texture change treatment

  1. some of natural curl are changed straight?
  2. Damage less
  3. Beautiful enough to repeat
  4. Volume up
  5. Long lasting

Customers seeking hair strength in their 40s and 50s
People who are worried about natural curlbut don’t like volume less after getting straight
〇Those who are not satisfied with the effects of regular treatment
〇Those who want to improve the sustainability of treatment
Those who can’t get straight because of who before got bleach .

What is the texture change treatment?

Our texture change treatment are completely different from conventional hair salon treatments.
 Most conventional treatments are nourishing from the outside, adsorbing them to the inside of the hair caused by damage, and increasing the durability by coating the surface.
It will flow little by little with each shampoo.

On the other hand, our hair quality improvement treatment is a completely new concept of regenerating [bonded water].
 By regenerating the bound water, it prevents the loss of nutrients inside the hair,
『Moist』『Gloss』『Unity』 are born.
 In addition, the durability of the color is improved, the durability of the permanent wave is increased,
 Normal treatment will also improve.

What is 【bonded water】?・・・

Originally water in human hair, it does not freeze even at negative temperatures,
Special water that does not evaporate even at 100 degrees.
If this breaks due to damage, nutrients inside the hair are washed away, Colors and treatments will easily leak out.

The price of the texture change treatment

The price of the texture change treatment

Short ¥10000 / Medium ¥11000 / Long ¥12000 / Super long ¥13000~(tax excluded)