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A completely new hair color in all
【Natural flour color】

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Differences from common drugs

Whereas general drugs open the surface of the hair (cuticle) to add color, natural flour color restores fatty acids on the surface of the cuticle ,and also penetrate color, nutrition and moisture into the hair.
Because the surface of the hair is not damaged, the color that has entered once is hard to come off and the color lasts well.

Good place for flour color

◎The conventional general colorants such as “bleach alkali + hydrogen peroxide”are not used.
A color that mixes natural powderwith hot water and a special treatment liquid.

◎ Different colors such as henna can be various kinds of colors.

It is good for scalp as wheat adheres to pores of scalp and flows with dirt during shampooing.
The effect of head spa has been proven.)

◎ In addition to wheat, it contains nutrients such as organic argan oil, collagen, keratin, sugar cane, etc., so that every time you color it,the hair becomes firm, stiff and shiny.
In addition, the combined plant extract has antibacterial, bactericidal and blood circulation-promoting effects and can be expected to have a hair-growth effect.

Gray hair dyeing is also possible!
In addition, compared with general drugs, the dyed part is less likely to become thin even after a long time. (For damage-less prescription)

◎ It is okay to have a treatment with a menu such as perm or straight perm!
Conversely, it repairs damage from perm, making it a glossier finish than perm-only treatments.

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Things to be aware of

◎ If you want a brighter color than the current brightness, alkali and hydrogen peroxide may be mixed.
(16 kinds of natural extracts are added to the medicine which is about 1/2 the amount of alkali of general coloring agent, so damage is minimized.)

◎ Dye diamine is included, so those who are allergic to diamine cannot use this treatment.
(If you just want to brighten without adding color, you can also prescribe diamine zero, so please feel free to contact us)

◎ For those with sensitive skin, we recommend a patch test.

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I have never seen such a luster! !

Make a miracle on your hair! !
Surprising natural gloss color appearance! !

I am particular about using good hair and scalp,
I would like to recommend with confidence to those who say “I want to color but I’m worried about the damage”

Each additional color leads to more transparent and healthy hair
“Resuscitation” theme

◆Natural flour color◆

Repeated color, dry and dry hair, the inside of the hair is full of holes, moisture escapes,
毛Symptoms such as
」can occur.

Therefore! !
“Natural flour color” was developed with the ultimate procedure,
which minimizes the burden on the hair and scalp and ensures the necessary nutrition.

Mix on the flyContains natural oilEmbraceStopWrap around

Thorough internal reinforcement is carried out while coloring in each step.

Please enjoy the smooth feeling unique to natural ingredients. “Seeds-free seeds oil”,
which is rich in natural flour color, can be used at home as a natural lotion, massage oil, and whole body lotion.

The ultimate hair color that won’t hurt your hair is
please leave it to Tokyo beauty salon !

“Natural flour color” which is available only in limited stores nationwide
Seeds-free seeds oil is a 100% natural lotion and oil that uses natural ingredients, even preservatives.
This rare natural ingredient is generously mixed into the flour color and blended on the fly.
The ultimate “ natural flour color ” that is carefully selected with different recipes
Please experience it.

Natural flour color price (excluding tax)

Natural flour color price

Short ¥9900
Medium ¥10450
Long ¥11000
Super long ¥11550~

For the first time getting natural flour color, we are offering a trial discount for flour color at the same price as regular hair color.

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